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The Harlequin stands on his hands, his legs dangling above him as the children laugh in glee. Next he flings his legs around, propelling him full circle back onto his hands before tumbling into a disgruntled master, too dramatically for true life.

“Fool!” The master kicks him roughly as the Harlequin cartwheels away before bowing deeply, his legs in a shallow plié.
“Apologies, master!” The children laugh at his exadgerrated voice. He is tired of that jading laughter.

In walks the Columbina, the bust of her dress barely concealing that which it was made to hold. The Harlequin’s eyes bulge in awe and he rolls back over his head, the children laughing once more as the fool strikes again.
“She has captured – my heart!” The audience coos pitifully as the fool and the lady exchange an unseen glance.

For the Harlequin is not always fool. True life admits no idiots to theatre. He will have his Columbina, away from these prying eyes, in the dark of the caravan, where true life carries through.

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  1. Avatar Conjoiner, Rejoinder, Poisoner, Concealer, Revelator [[Wednesday]]


  2. Avatar JayDee

    I think it’s spelt exaggerated, though I won’t lie, I had to look it up. For some reason, it looks odd written down.

    I like the interplay between the fantasy and the reality, and the contrast between the characters and the actors. I could see Gaiman’s influence in your work the moment I started reading. Man that guy is awesome.

  3. Avatar Tad Winslow

    An instant favorite of mine. From the story to the descriptions to the style. Pure love <3

  4. Avatar Bob Liddil

    Excellent stamp.

    Excellent story.

  5. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I struggled to follow a bit, but I’m admittedly off my game today. I did like the reality behind it, this disgruntled clown, unhappy with his lot. For some reason I didn’t like him for that though. Nicely done—I’m just having an odd day.

  6. Avatar Foolhearted

    Pretty cool story. I like the description of the charade, and a puppet who despises the role.

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