In Celebration of the Ethereal

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When the entirety of one’s possessions fit in a box so small that BeyoncĂ© Knowles wouldn’t have even bothered singing a song about it, it can be difficult to remember that it is not the physical that matters in this world but the ethereal – memories, sensations, experiences.

Right now Carl was experiencing a sensation of frustration, kicking a box filled with everything he owned down a flight of stairs. THis memory would stay with him for some time.

In truth, he was relieved to be out of that apartment. Away from those memories and, more specifically, away from him. It hadn’t been a happy relationship, and it had culminated in a break-up that was a bizarre parody of that old sitcom trope where one person has two dates in the same restaurant.

The problem was that one of the dates was Carl, and the person with the two conflicting dates was his boyfriend.

And so, not wanting to be remembered as a one-note character, he’d decided that now was the time to travel and do the things that made him happiest.

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