A Realistic Alien Invasion?

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Nothing goes faster than light: rule of the universe. No artificial minds shall be allowed to live: rule of the People. For a galactic rotation we have been locked in battle with the Machines. Two exponentially-reproducing resource-using foes, in near stalemate. We’ll take any advantage we can get, because so will They.

One of our telepaths, relay station 4, spiral arm C, reports of a rising intelligence. A crude map of the planet, based on interference patterns from mental processes, is drawn (we would recognize it as Earth). Vast ships, grown rather than built, are dispatched to make contact and find new recruits. Time to destination: ten thousand years.

The ships arrive and awaken. They look down, with eyes and tree-like radio antennae. Preparing to welcome new intelligent organic life into the People. And then they recoil in horror: the ones on this planet are building machine brains. Traitors!

Not ones for cruelty, the People make it quick. The orbital bombardment vaporizes the surface in minutes.

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  1. Avatar Eckhouse

    Future sci-fi can be tricky. Give enough detail to make it real, but not so much that it bogs down. You do some cool construction in the first paragraph, but in my humble opinion you lose a bit of your momentum in the second. I love the idea; I think there’s a lot more story to write. Very cool.

  2. Avatar J. Rein B.

    I am intrigued by this idea. Pretty cool.:D

    The note of how we’ll recognize it as Earth I felt a little bit out of place, and the switch from first person to third person is kind of jarring (understandable for the next-to-last paragraph, but quite noticeably for the last line, because isn’t the narrator part of the People?)

    Aside from that, awesome job, something I would really like to sequel.:D

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    There’s a lot going for this one, but I wound up lost by the end. Admittedly, my cold medicine is wrecking havoc on my ability to concentrate. So, let’s just leave it at neat idea with lots of promise.

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