A Change in Apearance

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Maria looked at me with disgust. “When is the last time you were clean?” she asked me sharply. “Sorry.. I can leave..” I said with my “tail” in between my legs.
Maria grabbed my arm: “Look: You’re fine. You just need some new clothes” She stated pitifully.
I, in fact, was very embarrassed because of what I wore, in general. My too-big-for-me shorts sagged below my waist, which made it hard to see my scruffy thick legs. My T-shirt, which was also about 3 sizes big on me, was tucked in on one side and left to hang sloppily on the other.
To top it off, my mud-encrusted black military boots were decrepit, and maltreated.
If it hadn’t been for Cassie cutting my hair, my long brown scraggly hair would make it complete: A kid who you could tell hadn’t been tended to in weeks.
Maria sighed heavily. “I might need the heavy artillery for this one. There’s a shower upstairs when you turn to your left. I’ll get you some clean clothes. After you’re finished, come and see me immediately! Bien?” She commanded.

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Maria by El Fe del Oro

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