Office hours (for a lack of a better name)

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5;30 am: I’m getting in my blue Prius, yawning and drinking my coffee link it was life support.
6:00 am: Walking up to the receptionist, checking in, and heading to my office.
7:00 am: Boring, phone rings.

10:00 am: I’m heading to my lunch break, I bump into John.

“Hi Annbell!” he said, flashing his trademark smile. “um uh..” my brain is getting discombobulated. “h- hi..” I say sheepishly. I bit my lip and we walk to lunch together.

11:00 pm: We laugh over spaghetti and wine.

12:00 pm: We drive home, and talk on the phone for hours, then go to sleep.

1:30 am: Having dreams of him, waking up and giggling giddily.

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  1. Avatar Kihd

    I love that word! It’s so fun to say. Good story, I like how you put the times next to the statements.
    Don’t forget to make a new paragraph each time you get a new speaker though.
    Thanks for the entry! :)