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He walked down the street to meet his brother, whom he hadn’t seen for a really long time. They parted ways back in the old country and now they finally got reunited.

He was inside already waiting for him, all clean up, all hip and dandy, with those fine glasses that framed his face in such a youthful way. He was the older and in many’s view the most intellectual.


“Why so ceremonious?”

“It- it’s been a while.”

“We would have met earlier but soon I figured out that we didn’t frequent the same circles.”

“You would be surprised we did. I guess it’s time you knew”

“Tell me”

“You are adopted”

The older brother didn’t crack a smile when he revealed that irreversible fact.

“Couldn’t say it’s a surprise, Hex. After all, you are the Greek prefix for six and I am the Roman one. "

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  1. Avatar Slightnmighty

    Haha, nice work with the title for this challenge!

  2. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Not bad. The verbiage is a little rough, but the premise of the story is very interesting. I’d love to see this developed further!

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