Cold Case File

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Det. Gosling took the contents from the box and spread them out on his desk. The photos of the crime scene, toxicology reports, witness statements.

Some claimed it was suicide. Others that it was a tragic accident. Fourteen years ago H.D; Star forward for the Kingsmen football club, was found next to the hotel pool. A fall from sixteen stories doesn’t do a lot to improve the looks of someone.

Crime scene photos, statements of team mates, and the groupies that followed them. He read of the sexual parties that the team frequented, after winning big. “Kings whores” is what one of the players called the women.

Gosling went over each piece of evidence. There were rumors of HD leaving the team. Of his getting a better offer. He had the reputation of banging anything. More than one wife of a team mate had succumbed to his charms.

This wasn’t an accident. This wasn’t suicide. No matter how they tried to cover for it, no matter what the kings whores and the kingsmen did, Humpty Dumpty had been pushed.

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  1. Avatar Radical Yellow Duck

    Don’t piss off Det. Gosling. He can be a real mother at times

  2. Avatar Paige Elizabeth

    Very funny and there is a moral to the story. Stay away from whores. :P

    One note: Did you mean to write “kings whores and the kingsmen” or king’s whores and king’s men?

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    rofl! This made my morning. :)

  4. Avatar Jae

    Wordplay extraordinaire! What a riot!

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