"Not exactly, no."

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“No one knows. No one can ever know.”

I watched the fire. The kindling smoldered and smoked, ash and cinder floated about our heads into the night sky. He was saying something, impatiently glancing to and fro. He kicked the earth as he talked about our dirty business. I watched the fire.

It snaked and coiled through the grass, wrapping itself around my life, suffocating its victim before devouring it whole. I winced when it took my mother. I lit her myself, no one else could do that. Everything afterward was easier. They all had to go, everything turned to ash before the hungry flame. Together, we put it all to rest, my friend and I. But he knew, he was the last piece of the puzzle. It wasn’t finished until he met the fire.

“So that’s it, then? That’s the end of it?”

“Not exactly, no.”

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  1. Avatar A Dabble of Thelonious

    I like the idea, and I like the way it ends, but something about the first paragraph doesn’t flow well. Ithink it might be " impatiently glancing to and fro" it feels kind of awkward.

  2. Avatar J.M.V.

    More is implied than stated, and I like that.

    The imagery doesn’t try to be too overpowering, which is good.

  3. Avatar Skull Man

    I like the “no one else could do that” line. He sees himself as the weilder and protector of the fire, something holy and yet a great burden. Very good insight into the mind of a pyromaniac.