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  1. "Not exactly, no."

    “No one knows. No one can ever know.” I watched the fire. The kindling smoldered and smoked, ash and cinder floated about our heads into the night sky. He was saying something, impatiently glancing to and fro. He kicked the earth as he talk...

  2. A Conversation With A Friend (Mature)

  3. Run Run Run

    Footsteps echo in the narrow alleyway. First an individual, a quickened pace followed by thunder, a multitude. The alley opens into the busy street, the figure of a man bursts through a crowd of walkers and Peds. Pursuers cascade onto the sidewalk; fee...

  4. Paper Thin Walls

    Samuel was witness to everything that occurred in his neighbors’ apartment. He never saw them, but laying in his bed, he could hear them through the walls. Dinner conversation, arguments, rough sex; Samuel heard every bit of it. Eyes shut, ear pr...

  5. It Wasn't the Last

    Wow, what a bitch He had come to the grocery to pick up a mild selection of items. A simple list, he needed ramen, some soda, a new stash of frozen pizza and bread. All previous objectives fulfilled, he had rushed to the grains to end the shopping adve...

  6. This Is A True Story, It Really Happened (Mature)

  7. A One Sentence Story

    “Are you alright? Did something happen?” Her voice from up the stairs went unanswered for a moment. Brief, flickering wonder spread across his face as the elixir took its course through his system. Soon he would be different, changed. The i...

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