Behind The Green Door

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Had I known there would be blood sucking monsters behind that green door, I never would have opened it. It’s not like there were any clues to what lurked, awaiting. To be perfectly honest, until the day I opened it, I’d walked past that door a thousand times without it attracting so much as a millisecond of my attention.

A yellow cardboard sign on the green door caught my eye on Monday of this week. On it appeared the number “10” in black colored, carefully crafted calligraphic script. I only noticed it because the three colors in contrast almost lept out and mugged me. On Tuesday, the number was higher: “19,” which I thought was weird, but not weird enough to stop me. I was in a hurry.

Wednesday, the number was up to “23.” I stopped, faced the door and stepped backward into the street to get a better look at the building. Nondiscript at best it was.

Today I went beyond the green door. A nurse stuck a needle in my arm and took a pint of blood. I got $25 for my donation.

I might stop again.

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  1. Avatar Scrawler's Secret

    “blood sucking monsters” aha

  2. Avatar Scrawler's Secret

    “blood sucking monsters” aha

  3. Avatar Scrawler's Secret

    “blood sucking monsters” aha

  4. Avatar Tina Murphy

    Oh, you had me at blood sucking monsters…
    I feel so cheated of horrors imagined. lol

    Donating blood is a good thing AND he got paid for it.

    Felt this may be redundent since they both mean almost the same thing: what lurked, awaiting.

  5. Avatar InZanadee

    Spoken like a true lurker of hospital hallways! Loved it! You might have been able to drag out the suspense a little further by describing the nurses in vague, horror terms…but over all a romp!

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