Where cosmic rays finally fall

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The light had faded slowly. And now it was gone. The instruments scanned about and returned nothing. Everything around him was one even temperature.

At first there was nothing. No time, no space, no dimensions, no light, nothing. Then in that uncaused, first cause everything came into being. The eleven dimensions warped and wrapped about each other and twisted into the 10^-32 cm, and disappeared from reality.

Then the expansion, bosons, nutrinos, six kinds of quarks… Baryonic matter, and light, at long last light. Space and time and energy all flowing, all rushing from each other. The dust and gasses coalescing. The first stars.

The cycle of star birth and star death, changing the form of matter, growth and death. Then that blue orb, rare beyond belief. Life and his birth. So so long ago.

Stars grow old and die. The universe keeps expanding. And eventually all the stars died. And then the universe died a heat death.

He closed his eyes and waited. Time had ended for everything except him.

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  1. Avatar Tina Murphy

    Very metaphoric! Demensions and waiting out time and the universe is truely immortal. Great imagery!

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