A Camp Out He'll Never Forget

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“Dude, why were you just pissing in your gas tank?”

“Oh, uh, heh. I didn’t think you could see that. I can, uh, well, my piss is flammable.”

“Your piss…what? Did you just decide one morning to fill up your tank yourself, and it worked?”

“Hell, no. Remember that fishing trip last August? The last night, the guys had hit the sack, and I was just hanging out by the fire. Well, I tried to put out the campfire with a bucket of water, but there was still some live coals, so I thought I’d put them out myself. No big deal, right? Well, it was like I’d poured gasoline on the fire. Just this whoosh, and let me tell you, I was lucky to cut the stream, or I would have ended up in the hospital. So, I’ve been experimenting since. I filled up the lawn mower, and it worked, I filled up the dirtbike, and it worked. Hell, I even tried that old diesel tractor. It shouldn’t have worked in both gas and diesel engines. But it did work. It’s flammable on an open flame, yet still works like diesel fuel. It’s so cool!”

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  1. Avatar Oy

    So that’s how he figured it out :)

  2. Avatar Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    dude this is just twisted i like it i bet his kidneys are tough

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