The fatty fat fat fish named Fhil (yes, Fhil)

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There’s a legend,

passed down from family,

about an usual thing,

down at the pier.

“Mr. Fhil the fish!”

they would say,

was quite fat,

he scared away the most fearless,

junkyard cat,

some say he wore an expensive hat,

made of a welcome mat.

But I liked to make up names,

so me and my cousins,

me and my sisters,

me and my brothers,

decided to call him:

“Mr. Fatty fat fat fish, named Fhil..”

With an “F”,

like fish.

Not a “P” like phone..

Because that’s just crazy..

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  1. Avatar Kihd

    “Because that’s just crazy.”

    You said it, not me. :)
    This was too cute! An imagination is a terrible thing to lack. Thanks for participating!

  2. Avatar Sir Bic

    This is absolutely delightful! This story exudes with childlike imagination and wonder. The “…expensive hat made of a welcome mat.” – Very Dr. Seuss-ish. There may not be a winner of the challenge but this one certainly deserves honorable mention.

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