Secrets. (An Amelia & Patrick Story). Intro.

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The story is about Amelia and Patrick.

In The ATL.

Amelia Jones— Is 15 and she has a brother named Darell.

Darell Jones (AKA Dj)— Is 17 and his bestfriend is Patrick.

Patrick Breeding (AKA Pat or P.)— Is 16 1/2 and his and Darell’s other bestfrind is J

Jarell Holiday (AKA J.)— Is 16 1/2 and his sister is Keleesha

Keleesha Holiday (AKA Leesha or Shay)— Is 15 and her and Amelia is bestfriends there like sisters.

Patrick has 4 brothers (Carnell,Kelly,Bryan and Dustin) and 1 cuzin (Jamari) and a mom (Adrian) that all live in the same house.

Amelia lives wit her Dad and brother.Her mom and dad divored eacthother when she was 3 and Darell was 5. Their mom moved to California……..
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  1. Avatar Proctagon

    This is not something to do on Ficly

    Show us these characters, don’t tell us

  2. Avatar J.M.V.

    A story is not a list. Learn to write in prose.

    Use a spell check and work on your grammar. It makes no sense to write a story if others have to struggle to decipher your mistakes and typos.

    Don’t tell your audience anything you could show them.

    Read more, and don’t read any junk. This is the best advice anyone can give you. If you want suggestions, just tell me what you like and I’ll find something that you’ll enjoy and that will help your writing.

  3. Avatar Tommy T.H.


    Why do you need an intro for what should be a single short story?

    Show us your characters through your writing, not through an intro, like you would find on a terrible MTV show.

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