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I’m a teenaged girl who started writing a tv show when i was 12, and eventually started writing stores on a fan website for a singing group including them and other fan in the story. And now i’ve just started writing a Biography about me and a loved one….But now i’ve decided to join a more broader place to share my stories with.


  1. Secrets (An Amelia and Patrick Story). Part One: 2 of 2

    Patrick: Where u goin? I just got here. Amelia: Well Duh! That’s y i’m leavin. Patrick: Leave. Nobody want yo ugly azz over here anyway. Amelia: Don’t start patrick, i’m not in the mood. Patrick: Y? U got yo period? Amelia: No. ...

  2. Secrets (An Amelia and Patrick Story) Part One: 1 of 2

    PART ONE Amelia and her brother is eating lunch at the mall. Amelia’s POV: Amelia: So where u goin after u eat? Darell: Pat and J gon meet me here so we can shoot some hoops… Amelia: Oh let me hurry up and get out of here. I’m tired o...

  3. Secrets. (An Amelia & Patrick Story). Intro.

    The story is about Amelia and Patrick. In The ATL. Amelia Jones— Is 15 and she has a brother named Darell. Darell Jones (AKA Dj)— Is 17 and his bestfriend is Patrick. Patrick Breeding (AKA Pat or P.)— Is 16 1/2 and his and Darell̵...