The Things I Know for Sure

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There are few things I actually know for sure. At this age you should probably be more certain, but alas, mysteries abound.

One thing I know is that a bull is colorblind. They don’t hate the color red. I am missing most of my thigh muscle in my left leg, which was carefully dressed in a drab black when I learned the errors of my ways.

Another thing I know is that the love of a woman will be the greatest happiness and sadness you can know. And you will love and cherish those emotions.

The last thing I know for sure, is that there was a tiny ship that for a time was orbiting the earth. It spun madly around the world, faster and faster until it lost its trajectory and burned up in the atomsphere. It was a glorious meteor of metal and passenger.

Inside the ship was a dead dog.

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Comments (3 so far!)

  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Odd and random. Feels like there’s more meaning or sentiment behind it, but I’m not seeing it today. Writing style is straight forward and neatly done. So, not really finding fault with the piece other than my own failure to discern any deeper meaning.

  2. Avatar BA Boucher

    No real big meaning other than realizing that for months at least during our lives and our parent/grandparent’s lives, there were dead animals floating around in space.

    That’s really bizarre to me.

  3. Avatar BA Boucher

    Thank you for the crit Someday!

    Before the US and USSR sent man into space they sent all sorts of animals in capsules that were never meant to be retrieved.

    Laika the dog quite literally spent here last days on a rocket and then slowly starved to death all the while orbiting the planet.

    That’s real F’d up if you think about it