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My ficly “Into the Arms of Digital Angels” (http://ficly.com/stories/2740) was expanded into a short story which got published!

Check it out here:


Took a year off from Ficly in which I did the following:

Self published a short story collection just for my wife
Moved from Southern California to Pittsburgh PA
Named Executor of the Estate of my father after he commited suicide

So it goes…


  1. The Perils of Time Travel (Mature)

  2. The Things I Know for Sure

    There are few things I actually know for sure. At this age you should probably be more certain, but alas, mysteries abound. One thing I know is that a bull is colorblind. They don’t hate the color red. I am missing most of my thigh muscle in my l...

  3. Nonfiction: The Superbowl of Me

    It still burns when I go to sleep. There’s a jagged shard of glass in my brain, right around the memories of laying down only to be awaken by my excited dad because the Packers were doing something awesome. Like kicking a field goal. My father co...

  4. Pissing the Night Away

    I drink a Whiskey drink I drink a Vodka drink I drink a Lager drink I drink a Cider drink I’m an alcoholic.

  5. 2 People With My Name (Mature)

  6. In Buddahism They Bury Urns

    It has been three weeks since the funeral. My last vision of the urn being sent to its final resting place, burned into the back of my eyelids. Twenty-one days since the line of strangers avoid my gaze to tell me, “I’m sorry for your loss&#...

  7. What's it like to be a Superhero (Mature)

  8. The Gift (Mature)

  9. Flames and Regrets

    Within minutes our home would be gone. We were evacuated days ago; the flames were close We scrambled out the door with everything else we could fit in the cars. Something is still missing. I ducked under the dividing tape to get back to the house. I f...

  10. Life Resumed

    After 35 long years, it had finally happened, her husband had died. She sits at the table like every other morning. The newspaper was read, the coupons clipped. The coffee was gone, another pot was brewing. Thirty-five years of being tethered to a whee...

  11. How to Lift a Curse (Mature)

  12. The Continuing Adventures of Mordecai the Forever

    He is alert now. More then ever before. He can feel the heat rising in the air, taste the fear. He smells urine, sweat, and regret. He senses the change in the atmosphere, the residual ozone of his brothers cut down by the last group of stragglers. The...

  13. Combat is Part of Our Chemistry

    For once, I hear nothing. Silence at last. I’ve fallen in love for the second time in my life. In love with Quiet. The first time I fell in love, it was with a timid girl at college. She wore cat eye glasses and distrust on her face. We bumped in...

  14. Customer Service (Mature)

  15. The Night Before the Accident

    The bridge was too high and the water, black and cold was far, far below. “Are you sure you want to do this?” He smiles at me, flips me off and leaps into oblivion.

  16. The Overdose

    I take it all. I hunger. The beast is fed, and I fall down

  17. 21,537 People With My Name

    I have a purpose now. A direction. I’ve never been more ashamed. I’ve never been happier. For all my wandering and all my searching for a clue, I have found one thing to be true. Killing makes my back hurt. I take a Darvoset every morning a...

  18. Meta-ficly-sis

    I woke up the other day and I found I had turned into a bug. It took me a while to fully realize what had happened, the only real thing I could latch onto was six legs, my six legs, waving in the air as I was stuck on my back. I took it in stride thoug...

  19. My Summer in Sheol

    He finally died. Now I live.

  20. The Last Twenty Four

    She looks at me for the final time with no tears in her eyes. It’s the first time since we found out the news she’s been able to look at me. Breathless and exhausted, we stare into each other souls. There are no words anymore. Just breath, ...

  21. Into the Arms of Digital Angels

    His death was fast. So that’s a good thing. I guess, I don’t really know. All I do know is the poor kid has arms and legs in angles I didn’t really even know was possible. The coroner said that the arms are like that because the bones...

  22. Fallen Hero's Daughter Nabs Murderers

    Dateline 7/13/2004 Mammon, CA AP “If there is one positive to this tragedy is that the good people of this city can sleep knowing that they are safe” Police Commissioner Davis spoke at a diverse crowd numbering in the thousands at the funer...

  23. Someone Always has a Worse Job

    Every time I come out of the kitchen I have to replace the goggles. It’s eerie leaving the well lit kitchen, to pitch blackness, and then to a green sea of people. This is my fifth dinner and it’s still jarring. As the night wears on, it ge...

  24. Now Arriving at Your Destination.

    We all have little moments of crystallization. Single seconds that expand into a great cosmic pause button. The planets together hold their breath. And in that moment you have a completely detailed picture. A moment to reflect on your moment. In this s...

  25. Agoraphobia

    The doors opens and a sight from the 30’s greets me. An elderly man in a forty buttoned coat. He salutes me with a white glove knocking against his pillbox hat. “What floor sir?” “Uh, fifth I believe.” “Going to an i...

  26. Tiles in the Ceiling

    92 Blink 93 Yawn 94 Sigh 95 He moves into my vision with that sad, slack-jawed, Droopy McCool look in his eye. He smiles at me like a three year old who went potty like a big boy or a dog that killed yet another gopher and deposited it all self congrat...

  27. Called to the Principal's Office

    Ah, Clint come in please. You can shut the door. Now you may or may not know why I called you in here. I must inform you that your actions today will influence my decision whether or not to call your parents and tell them why you are wasting their well...

  28. Another Hole in the Head (Mature)

  29. Discomfort

    Just because I told her I love her doesn’t mean I don’t love you any less…so what if we broke up four years ago?

  30. One Born Every Minute (Mature)

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