Barber to the Angry: Episode 1 - North Country Fermonette

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Contrary to its name, the North-Country Fermonette is neither from the North Country, nor is a traditional Fermonette. When the Fermonette reached more northern waters it quickly became a favourite in many households of all classes from the lowly cottage to the mighty sky fortress. As this favourite became less available due to the decreased import traffic due to taxing, a rather uncommon substitution was made to the dish that many did not notice. Eventually the dish evolved in such a way that it could be made using household ingredients, but in no way resembled the original dish. Thus, the North-Country Style Fermonette was born into food-preparatory legend.

9 glance of turnip
36 small rounds of elk bane (12 large rounds if available)
1 pickled pomegranate
6 nautical teaspoons A.T.L.A.M.P.A.

See 1.2 for preparation details.

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  1. Avatar cthulhuburger

    Pickled pomegranate sounds delicious! I enjoyed how you made this nonsensical food sound plausible with an interesting background.

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