The Madman

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You run from your pursuer, looking desperately for the way out. But the conservatory confounds you, and the path forks and branches again and again until you are certain you have taken a wrong turning.

You are right.

The path abruptly ends. The only way forward would be to step off the path out into the garden. The sounds of the gibbering lunatic behind makes your decision for you, and you dart off into the foliage.

Straight into a dead end.

All you see are glass panels, and the images they show are of unimaginable horror. The madman emerges from the jungle behind you, his reflection changing from an angel to a cackling demon.

He has you cornered, and he knows it. You turn to avoid him, ducking to the side, but his insanity grants him a feverish speed and the machete comes down on your chest.

Winded, you hit the floor, the machete still stuck in your body armour. He puts his foot on your chest and yanks it out. Then he aims a final slash at your exposed neck.

The blade falls, and you close your eyes.

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