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  1. Rape (Mature)

  2. The Pale Ones

    “I have heard of you, Seer-of-the-Ways,” I say. The warriors of the tribe stand behind me, and I feel their tension. It is as hard and bright as the wasteland sun. “And I you, Walker-of-the-Path,” he replies. He takes his Harahk...

  3. The Designer.

    “There are some who say the House was built upon grounds given to us by the Faerie, using the wood of trees that never graced the mortal world. This is true. “There are some who say the House was built from a fragment of God himself (specif...

  4. Mottwoo: A brief lecture on Reality

    “Ok, so it’s… and I’m going to dumb it down for you first years, alright?… but if you can imagine that life, the universe, and everything… the entirety of creation… the grand multiverse…. the whole sheban...

  5. Thought Bubbles (Mature)

  6. The Equation

    He/She/It appeared as many things. Sometimes as geometric shapes and gently flowing gradients. Colours and light. An endless stream of codes and symbols. Occasionally He/She/It would manifest him/her/itself as an androgynous humanoid, with smooth skin ...

  7. The Knight

    The Arena is an oft visited part of the House, but the lone warrior stepping into the ring is especially fond of it. His jousting tourney has just finished, and now he demounts his horse and his squire leads it away. The knight lifts his weapon and low...

  8. Bigger.

    It needs to be bigger. We have characters from every country, background and personality, filmed on site all around the world. But it’s still not enough. The scope needs to be wider. It needs to be bigger. The confines of scriptwriting are the on...

  9. The Impossible Movie 2: The Sequel

    Hire new actors. Now do the same damn thing all over again.

  10. Ivy: The Magister's Secret

    Dmitri didn’t move a muscle. He kind of reminded me of a terrified rabbit. It was quite adorable, really. “I’m sorry, boys,” the man in the chair said, looking back into the fire. His face seemed tired and troubled. “I jus...

  11. Dogma

    “Do not push the button. If you push the button, YOU WILL DIE.” I walked up to the pedastal, the angry metallic voice booming over the loudspeakers above me. I wondered what had taken me so long to figure it out. It was all fear. Fear and m...

  12. Dmitri: The Acropolis

    “Wow! This place is amazing!” Ivy said, looking up at the magnificent architechture silhoetted against the night sky. The pale, grey spires towered above us like a cathedral built with impossible grace. “Keep your voice down!” I...

  13. Hearts and Roses and Red, Red blood

    Angelica’s skin molded and rippled like potter’s clay, her fingernails growing into long curved talons, her now snake-like arms multiplying like the heads of a hydra. A hundred gibbering mouths flowed outwards from her face. Phillips backed...

  14. The Rippers

    “Who sent you?” Rose said, her voice cold and hard. He blubbered like a child; blood, snot and tears mixing on his face. “’m sorry!” he said, barely understandable. “Didn’t mean nuthin! I just-” “Dr...

  15. Dmitri: The Academic

    “This certainly is an… interesting establishment,” I said, sipping something that tasted like an alchemy experiment. I wondered what I was doing here. “I’m Ivy. You got a name?” he asked me. He had a disconcerting ha...

  16. Rowan

    “Is something wrong?” Mother Rose asked, her hand on the smiling young man’s toned shoulder. “Rowan is one of our best. Is he not to your taste?” “It’s just that I was expecting… a…” There was...

  17. In the Garden: The Tree of Knowledge

    Mother Rose had a gift. She knew how to give people what they needed, not what they wanted. So I had gone to her. You must first understand that I have never… ah… been with a woman. I’ve always been a somewhat quiet individual. I had ...

  18. The Gardener

    But Grigori has planned for this. As the maniac is about to land the final deathstroke, Grigori rolls to the side, and in one fluid, elegant movement, he brings his weapon around in a beutiful arc of silver. The madman’s head flies gracefully off...

  19. The Saviour

    But the blow never lands. There is the scream of metal striking metal. You open your eyes, and like a miracle, a steel spade holds the machete from biting into your skin. The man holding the spade kicks the madman back. They circle each other like wild...

  20. The Madman

    You run from your pursuer, looking desperately for the way out. But the conservatory confounds you, and the path forks and branches again and again until you are certain you have taken a wrong turning. You are right. The path abruptly ends. The only wa...

  21. The Conservatory

    You glance through the bars. You prepare yourself for something grand enough to be worthy of The House, and expect a lavishly, glass-wrapped eden that would eclipse all imagining. But you do not expect this. The House, of course, is infinite enough to ...

  22. The Guardroom

    You see many men, all of them sitting on chairs or playing cards at tables. Each of them is armed. They make no attempt at concealing their weapons; if anything, they are kept where they can be drawn quickly and easily. It is not mere bravado that prom...

  23. The Dining Room

    The Dining room blurs your perceptions somewhat. It does not change, for with so many occupants, how could it possibly decide what it should change to? But it appears to you differently than it appears to others. It is the viking halls of Valhalla, the...

  24. The Theater Room

    It is not uncommon for certain Victorian Manors to have a room set aside for theatrical presentations, especially when entertaining guests or if the house boasts many residents. This is one such room. When you walk into the room, you see the stage, whe...

  25. Story in a Tweet part 2

    Blood spread like wings. Death like rapture. I suppose you could call me a priest. I send people to God. Not with a book, but with a blade.

  26. Shan't and won't

    Then, when you admit that perhaps you do know about it, you still realise that you will never understand it. And in the moment when you accept that fact (impossible though it may be) then… Well frankly… it all begins to make sense.

  27. Jenny Nowhere

    “You’re crazy!” “You can’t be everywhere at once and not be a little crazy.” “She’s coming through the walls! How can she come through the walls?” “She comes through the walls becuase they are...

  28. Mathematics

    The mob churned before him, stirring like a restless sea. But the tide came no closer to the Watchman. Not with his gun held in their faces. The brute who stepped forward from the crowd had a thick neck, a shaved head, and bared a smile full of rotten ...

  29. Grand Intentions

    THE LEGENDS OF THE LOST LANDS THE KINGDOM OF KRAZNIR TRILOGY Book One: Shadows of Evil PART I: The Wizards of Dargoroth Chapter 1: The Beginning of the Epic Adventure Once upon a time, there was a young boy who was destined for a great destiny! His nam...

  30. The First

    “Your first time?” “Uh… yeah.” “Oh I’m so sorry, I didn’t know! I’d have taken it a little slower otherwise.” “No, it’s ok, really.” “No, it isn’t. You just seeme...

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