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Acrylic took a deep breath. “Some time ago, MegaCorp executed a new research program into neurocomputational interfaces, ostensibly for the enhancement and betterment of the computational experience and of mankind as a whole. As I am sure that you are aware, there exists a plethora of neural interfaces available to the consumer, both in legitimate markets and from more illicit vendors. However, the sheer complexity, raw power, scope, and magnitude of the project that MegaCorp wished to explore has no comparison to any serious attempt at neurocomputational technology pre or post. But they needed test subjects.”

“Like you,” I interjected.

“Like me,” nodded Acrylic. “I was an ordinary quotidian data pusher, lacking connections, extant family, and real friends outside the workplace. To them, I was an optimum candidate for this endeavor of theirs.” He took a deep swig of his coffee. “The stakes were lofty; permanent disability or death were of nontrivial probability. None in one’s right mind would consent.”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    It’s very expository, but it works, I think, cause you can totally hear this guy’s way of talking come through in the text, which serves to set up his character while getting across all this back story information. Nice use of vocabulary.

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