Tornado Warning

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Tornadoes had gone through Indiana numerous times, but never this close to home. As we sat in the basement watching the news everyone resorted to their own source of self-reassurance. Michael played on his I-Touch, Jessica texted, and Ronnie changed the channel to the NBA playoffs. Their parents pretended the storm didn’t even exist, and continued on with their work in the kitchen.

Still, inside all of them a deep, unfathomable fear lingered, churning at each crack of thunder and flash of lightning, like the ocean. Michael looked up from his I-Touch and saw the channel switched.
“Ronnie, switch it back! Jesus, this is serious!” he screamed. Really, he wasn’t all that worried. He just used it as an excuse to yell at Ronnie, his parents’ “accident”. Ronnie changed the channel back, dejected.
“-If you live in Hamilton County, especially in the Carmel area, get to your place of safety, immediately. Tornados have been spotted in your area.”

Jessica looked up from her phone.

“Oh no.” Michael muttered.

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  1. Avatar Proctagon

    Your narrator changes from first- to third-person in the first paragraph.

    Other than that, this story seems to rely on too much overwrought drama

  2. Avatar N555champ & X-Ninja

    Ya, I know this was something I wrote up really quickly, with almost no inspiration at all.. I never even reread it after I originally wrote it..

  3. Avatar N555champ & X-Ninja

    Wtf, champ? Y did u rate ur own story?

  4. Avatar N555champ & X-Ninja

    Cuz I felt it was bad.