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We are N555champ and X-ninja, two highly-trained assassins of literature. Together, we share a profile upon which we write beautiful stories of all genres and natures. Prepare to be assassinated with writing… and love.

Oh, and by the way, if you ever criticize our work, We Will Hunt You Down and Kill You.
just kidding!…..but seriously

little P.S.: X-ninja’s work is marked with an asterick at the end of the story.

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  1. Speakers

    The first distorted words of Photofinnish blasted through Mike’s speakers hooked up to the thousands of dollars of computer hardware. …always ending on a safe net, walking a tightrope with a safety net… He walked out of the dank room ...

  2. Sidekick

    “Gee Wilickers, Batman!” “God! Do you ever shut-up, robin?” *

  3. When All Hell Breaks Loose

    Mortimer sat outside of the small French Cafe, pretending to read a newspaper. He didn’t bother overdoing it. He knew the twelve men inside the cafe knew he was a DCRI agent. He knew that as soon as he left the cafe, they would all follow, at ...

  4. The DragonForce: Revival Reunion

    Years had passed since the last sighting of the powerful, beautiful, amazing Dragonforce. After being defeated by the heroic squad of heroes, all the villains had given up and moved on to better things, like professional-underwater-basket-weaving. But ...

  5. Not Willing to Accept the Truth

    The next day, Jack hurried out of the hospital, holding his daughter’s hands tightly. They stumbled along behind him, questioning him constantly. “We’re going home! Just please, be quiet!” He finally answered. After that, the ch...

  6. Straight Talk

    “All I’m saying, Jack, is that you’re running out of chances.” Jack and Dr. Hershall had stepped outside, hoping not to upset Jack’s daughters anymore. “But, Dr. Hershall! I swear I can change, just trust me!” ...

  7. Yummmmm

    I ate the Machine last Tuesday. (I want my kiss and a doughnut when i win.) *

  8. Finish Him! (Mature)

  9. Jack in The Box (Pt. 2)

    “Daddy, Daddy! Wake up!” a little girl whimpered over him, her warm tears falling into his nose and mouth. Wiping at his face, Jack opened his eyes to see his surroundings. His youngest daughter, Jessie, wrapped her small arms around his ch...

  10. Into the Deep End

    For a second, I didn’t understand. “Harold.. There’s nothing there. It’s just a wall..” I muttered. He must be insane, I thought, slowly moving away from Harold, a man I had once known and respected. Now, I wasn’t s...

  11. The Lone Stranger

    Lifting the katana above his head, the ninja threw himself at the strange enemy. Suddenly, the man lifted his hairy scarred arms, pointing the chainsaw directly at the ninja. Then the stranger pulled a trigger on the chainsaw, firing a red-hot bullet o...

  12. Him........ (Mature)

  13. Vrooooom!

    With the ninja’s free hand, he formed a small hand-symbol and thrust his chakra-hardened head at the sumo’s skull. A pulse emitted from the chubby asian and he threw his arms back, releasing the stealthy agent. The ninja backed up, grabbing...

  14. Thunder and Lightning

    The soft pitter-patter of rain was the only sound in the oriental ghost town. On one side of the town stood the giant hulking figure of a sumo wrestler, on the other the wispy form of a ninja. It was a dream match-up, speed and agility versus power and...

  15. What it Takes to Prove Yourself (Mature)

  16. That Deep End (Part 2)

    I followed him down the creaking steps. The stairs seemed to go on forever. It was if i was walking down the Eifel Tower in one set of stairs. When i realized i had hit bottom and took a step and bumped into Harold. Harold remained quiet. “Where ...

  17. That Deep End (Part 1)

    Harold turned abruptly and set out in a strong walk in the opposite direction. Every few seconds he gave an odd twitch that looked as if something was stuck in his neck. I followed nervously around the corner. “Harold! C’mon, where are we g...

  18. Talking Burgers and Fat Losers

    Meanwhile, far away, in the basement of his mother’s house, sat Carl McGlave, unwrapping his trillionth Big Mac from its wrapping, while playing Call of Duty 5 with his online “Friends”. “Hey, yumm, who knows yumm where the bloo...

  19. Colonel Down

    The Colonel grabbed his neck and fell to the ground. Blood came rushing out of the jagged hole cut in his throat by the sharp steel. The pouring rain filled his mouth with muddy water. He looked up to see his men wounded or dead. The girl he had seen e...

  20. Choice (Mature)

  21. Tornado Warning

    Tornadoes had gone through Indiana numerous times, but never this close to home. As we sat in the basement watching the news everyone resorted to their own source of self-reassurance. Michael played on his I-Touch, Jessica texted, and Ronnie changed th...

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