Score One for the Good Guys

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The perp had led us down every back alley and side street in this whore of a City, but he hadn’t lost us yet. I didn’t get to be The City’s Top Cop by letting piece-of-shit purse snatchers get away. He reached a fence and started to climb. I stopped, leveled my gun, and shot him twice in each hand. He fell to the concrete and started bawlin’.

“You’ll have a hard time snatching purses with no hands, perp!” I spat, as I kicked him in the chest. He gasped out the usual baloney about being innocent. I winked at my partner.

“Innocent, huh? Since when do men carry purses?

“Alright,” he admitted. “You got me, officer.”

“Sure do,” I said. I turned to my partner. “Book ’em, Marcuzi.”

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  1. Avatar Skull Enthusiast

    ā€œInnocent, huh? Since when do men carry purses?ā€

    positively bone-chilling.

  2. Avatar Jermaine Champagne

    it’s nice to read something uplifting for once, restored my faight in our mockery of a court system!

  3. Amj Lone Writer

    The perp had led us down every back alley and side street in this whore of a City.
    I really liked that line!
    Also, I don’t know if this is what you intended, but this made me laugh really hard.
    Also, I think you could do more with exposition, although its pretty clear what’s going on but it seems something is a bit off with the why. And near the last part I’m not sure who’s talking.

  4. Amj Lone Writer

    Wow, I use also too many times. Sorry about that!

  5. Avatar Skull Man

    laughter is definitely what I was hoping for, this and a lot of my other stories (with the exception of “In Sickness and In Health”) are written as jokes

  6. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    he caught you “red-handed”
    sorry, bad pun. :P
    he should have thrown the purse in a dumpster after emptying its contents, geez, amateur!

  7. Avatar N555champ & X-Ninja

    How do you know so much about purse snatching Elsha. Hmmmmm…. *