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  1. Even Stranger Bedfellows

    The boy held a tattered sign in his hand that he had picked up off the ground at the intersection. Romeo studied the message on the back of the old beer carton like hermes had brought it to him from the gods. “Hell of a slogan, is it yours?”...

  2. More Than Just A Bracelet

    “Ok can we do one more system check before we load this thing onto the plane?” Bill snapped back, “We done ben o’er this ten times, how many damn checks we need?” “Look before I fly my plane eleven hundred miles I am...

  3. Flying Signs

    She’d ran half way back to Romeo when she decided she’d better save the robots first and changed her course towards Gore industries. The rain poured but she was too enamored with the sensations to get in out of it. She stretched out her arm...

  4. Extra Extra Read All About It.

    The Mother smiled at Mr Varden with an irritating Stepford wives smile. The smile was one that Juliet knew all to well. He heard Phrases like,“We were going to go for the cute blonde in the corner but we got stuck with her instead!” “So when ...

  5. They Take Life Away?

    The rain drippizzled off his car, making an annoying sound that the middle-aged hitman felt he would never have to hear again. (Along with the cell phone that had been ringing constantly in the passenger seat) Mr. Armando Varden didn’t feel he needed...

  6. Life From The Gods

    Dr. Gore was locked away working deep in the catacoumbs of Gore Industries Robotic Technoligies when his assistant came online and disturbed him. “Sir there is an anomaly.” Dr Gore responded without looking up from a dust covered manuscript...

  7. Life from nothingness

    She ran till her curcuits were swollen like overcooked ramen noodles, then she collapsed. Her sensors and diodes had become entangled in a blur of confusion after she had unwrapped the bracelet that her new beau had left secretly in her back pack. As ...

  8. Soda-can Gordon Or How The Atomic Bomb Killed True Love.

    My dad spit a wad of dark brown leathery tobacco nowhere near the receptacle, as he yelled at the television, “That damn fagget assed andro-Gordon shouldn’t be allowed on a Microsoft cup track.” I retorted, “Dad he is in last pl...

  9. Rednecks, Soda Cans, Vibrators, and Starcrossed Love

    That night will forever be burned in my mind. The smell of my dad, spitting tobacco through his gap-toothed grin, and talking about how those soda cans don’t deserve to be deactivated. He had a much more sinister fate in mind for the passengers o...

  10. The Anthromamologist

    Two women sat on a pristine beach sipping margaritas, watching the young boy dig in the sand with his bright yellow plastic shovel. “So you were the kids’ godmother and when the father committed..the S word, you were left everything?” &...

  11. Saturday Morning Murderer

    The little girl shook like a cherry blossom with her tears, falling on her uniform. I felt like an ogre, questioning the poor girl while her stepmother lay in the morgue still wet and frozen from her fall into the canal. “Inspect… I only tu...

  12. Charlie K's Bio

    http://ficly.com/authors/charliekilcrease Charlie K was a single celled organism who had grown on the side of a test tube in an alchemist’s laboratory. His life was a simple one, and Charlie was not happy with it at all. One day the Sultan summon...

  13. Taebo Hoe

    Oh muffy where’d ya go? You Taebo Hoe. You fat rolly polly i caught in your speedo sweatin’ to the oldies and ya balls look more like marbles than lemons or maybe you just wanted to be nekked with richard simmons and all you other posers s...

  14. Too Many Shrinks, Too Little Time. (Part2 Baby series)

    Timothy Baptiste tried so hard to catch his breath, after peddling his bike for nearly five miles. His legs burned, like battery acid had replaced the blood in them, as he tried to shower and change in five minutes. Five minutes before Virginia, arrive...

  15. A Promise Is A Promise.

    Four o’clock in the morning found me sneaking out the bed. Slowly crawling over creamy white bedroom skin. spider-like movements let me pass over her almost lifeless form without making a single sound. Hollywood whores sneak out of beds to set up...

  16. Goodbye 999

    We came into this cycle two against the world. Now i am leaving all by myself…………………. World one…two none

  17. Valley of the Dolls (1967) Starring Patty Duke. In Ten Words

    We were innocent, in the begining, we fell from Grace. -——

  18. A Weird Thing Happened On My Way To the Moon.

    The old man clenched his teeth, at the thought of one more humiliating honor. Forty years of living a lie had taken a toll on the senior statesman. He sat back and tried to calm himself down and remember all the reasons this lie was important to the fr...

  19. Killer Of Killers (Retro Ficly Callenge)

    My name is six of the 33,999th group of the sixteenth case of the forth group,but you can just call me six. I dont remember anything before i was made, but i do know i was almost a peice of non-stick cookware. Which isn’t a bad job unless you are par...

  20. No News.

    No shops were closed on the cold September. No newspaper boys with heavy coats and loud voices yelled, “Extra Extra Read all about it.” No schools were closed. No kids stayed home. No flags hung at half mast. Which is funny because she was ...

  21. The Quest Begins.

    The first time I met the shaggy headed little hero, he looked like a midget of a midget. Wait.. no.. an adolescent midget midget. He clung to the hand of a hazel eyed angel like it were an umbilical cord bringing mana from heaven. She leaned down to fa...

  22. Just One Bite Of The Apple. (Part 4 Of The 4 Part Miniseries)

    Hey Frank how ‘bout let’s go knock back a few beers at Hobo’s?" Another Detective yelled from an office next door. “Beer? Hell, I need some real strong whiskey for this day!” “Whiskey it is.” After about m...

  23. Just One Bite Of The Apple. (Part 3 Of The 4 Part Miniseries)

    Evidently the little rugrat claimed she was from a world on the otherside of the universe, where their bodies are just energy. Wasn’t crazy it was just some memory she had picked up. She said their ship crashed in Siberia, Tanguska actually, at a...

  24. Just One Bite Of The Apple. (Part 2 Of The 4 Part Miniseries)

    The Mom was leggy drink of water with a kind of quiet desperation that told me she was in a pinch. She said they had been to therapists with the girl but the head shrinkers couldn’t help. Evidently the little debutante believes she is an alien, s...

  25. Just One Bite Of The Apple. (Part 1 Of The 4 Part Miniseries)

    The detective gig gets a little slow, in the winter. I guess the regular stiff ain’t as jealous that his dame is trying to hamstring him when it’s below zero. You know, more murders are committed at ninety two degrees than at any other temp...

  26. Twenty minutes Earlier.

    “So when i give you this money, she will think I look like Brad Pitt?” “Better than that I will hypnotize her to think your eyes look like the greatest thing a child has ever seen. Gimme the hundred bucks and have fun being in love.&#...

  27. The Horror Underfoot.

    I could have sworn it was Wednesday, but somehow my cell said it was friday. I walked out the back door to the courtyard to get some and air and smoke a cigerette, which is an oxymoron in itself. The light was so bright when I stepped out into the decr...

  28. Stickin To The G Code.

    Nineteen months later. “Look white you shouen eben be in dis ep (Ep is jail slang deriving from the word episode) jus tell dem peoples wha ya stashed them stacks, ya herd me?” “You wouldn’t understand, and I don’t rememb...

  29. You Can't Take It With You.

    “I don’t need the whole box, how much for just one bullet?” The lady mumbled without making eye-contact.

  30. Muffy The Toaster Layer

    There once was a lad named muffy Who lusted not for a shot of the pink and puffy It was mechanical steel parts Not a warm loveling heart. That gave our boy a big chubby.

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