The Legend of the Nameless Man: Well, Let Me Start

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Well, let me start my story by sayin’ that no one knows for certain where he come from. Some say that he was from the East, Virginia p’r’haps, a businessman who embezzled from his company and fled west. Others, that he originally come east out of San Francisco, a Forty-niner that never found his gold, taken to wandering the Arizona Territory for years. Yet others, that he was wanted for murder in Chicago or that he deserted from the Apache War. Ain’t no one knows for sure.

Everyone agrees that he lived at Fly’s for quite a spell, and that he darkened Allen and Fremont Streets, lookin’ for negotiable chow, hooch and affection, if you take my meanin’. There’s also no question that he was a miserable cuss.

He never had a good word for no one, but was quicker with his sharp tongue than an old sharpshooter on the draw. Friendless and with a voice full of venom, people thought he’d die at the business end of a gun.

No one ever asked him for his name so far as I know, and the Nameless Man never offered it.

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  1. Avatar August 2nd

    Commentary: This story, the first in a series, is inspired by my recent story Spaghetti Western. The purpose for writing this is quite different however. Everyone deserves to have their story told, even the fictional, and I’d like to do this character justice.

  2. Avatar Sir Bic

    So, you inspire yourself – do you? Some are self motivating, others self inspiring. []o)
    Raillery aside, this is a great telling and I like the voice you’re telling it in. The characterization of the Nameless is much appreciated.
    Since now you have decided to do this character justice, there is a greater need to “bring” this character to justice! But I’ll just sit and listen for as long as you’re willing to tell it – there’s just a small posse-bility that I’ll sequel it. []o)

  3. Avatar August 2nd

    @Sir Bic: Feel free to sequel it but be warned: I shall be especially ruthless in my comments since I’d like to maintain the pace, voice and style as much as possible. What historical details are presented should also be verifiable.

    The narrator is relating something that happened in the past but within his memory. The events that he describes happened in the early 1880s, the heyday of Tombstone. If the Nameless Man was a Forty-niner, he’d likely be in his late 50s by the time of these events. Of course, I don’t know whether he was or not but I suspect he wasn’t. And I’m not certain that he will be brought to justice since I don’t know what, if anything, he’s done.

    And, yes, I do impress myself sometimes. ;-)

  4. Avatar Sir Bic

    Touché – my dear friend – touché – []o)