War for Minneapolis Part 1

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Gabriel shuddered against the biting wind of the Minneapolis night. No matter how often he stayed here he never quite got used to the weather. He heard that the summers were almost brutally hot. Of course, to the undead, any amount of sunlight was terminally unc0mfortable.
He had been working as a Nightscab for years, taking contracts of all stripes, but he had to admit that fighting street gangs had never been a part of his work. It was surprising enough to learn that there actually were street gangs in Minneapolis. Still, a paycheck was a paycheck, was a paycheck.
One after another, travelers of the night passed the alleyway in which Gabriel had hidden himself. Mortal, mortal, werewolf (interesting, but not what I’m here for) there he is! Gabriel watched as a white male apparently in his mid-twenties walked by. His head was shaved, he wore a studded leather jacket, and a sneer right out of the seventies punk rock movement. Gabriel loaded his shotgun. This must be Ghengis.

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  1. Avatar Music-Hearted

    Hmm, I find myself intrigued. And, as a Minnesotan, I love that it takes place in Minneapolis, haha. I especially like the description of the man in the second to last sentence.

  2. Avatar Jape Prophets

    Thank you for reading Music,
    As I have said about the Chicago Chronicles, the stories written here are a turn-by-turn summary of a card game played between myself and two friends. The game is based on an RPG called ‘Vampire the Masquerade’, so some terms aren’t exactly mine, and a few of the stories may be a bit stale.
    Beyond that, I hope you enjoy what happens and continue to keep up.

    Thanks for reading,
    Jape Prophets