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The Dyson Sphere was crumpling.

The Sphere, as large as Earth’s orbit, enclosed the Sun, and was built from the raw materials of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, the Asteroids, the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, plus Eris and Pluto, and several thousand other members of the Kuiper Belt. The Sphere took ten thousand years to complete, with Earth the last to be dismembered as the Sphere’s construction closed in about it.

All of humanity lived inside the sphere – a perfect 100% efficient solar energy collector.

The ‘spheroid oscillation’ better known as ‘The Wobble’ started ten years ago. All of the Sphere’s scientists had since been engaged in trying to stop it.

They failed.

The crumple sheared. The Asian quadrant raggedly twisted and with titanic ponderousness slammed its 34 trillion souls into the upper half of the Americas Quadrant.

Within a month the entire sphere, and all 120 trillion descendents of the population of the planet Earth had spiraled into the waiting Sun.

The star burped.

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  1. Avatar Petros

    If you’ve read any of my other stories, you’ll know this is a challenge I could hardly ignore. And look up ‘Dyson Sphere’ on Wikipedia if you don’t understand what’s going on here.

  2. Avatar Petros

    I would have liked to have introduced some actual characters into this, but with such a complex event and just 1024 big ones, there was only time to do the ‘Special Effects’… :-)

  3. Avatar smdasilva {LoA}

    Kinda scary. They should have sent ship to other planets rather than wasting time on a Dyson sphere. I love the last line, make you understand how insignificant we are.

  4. Avatar astronouth7303

    Oops. I hate it home constructions collapse.

  5. Avatar lindsay22

    excellent work, and yes, your ‘special effects’ are very good…

  6. Avatar Miles Letham

    A seemingly minor detail on first glance, I like that you mention that it takes a month for the entire superstructure to collapse. That “titanic ponderousness” would indeed take quite the visionary to effectively show on film. And meanwhile, the entire population gets to enjoy a slow descent into a celestial gullet…

    “The star burped” is a brilliant last line. Hilariously well done!

  7. Avatar boxofun

    I loved the story, excellent work! I love how the title foretells the end.

  8. Avatar cthulhuburger

    I love the implied moments of terror as the broken parts of the sphere twist and slam into each other. It’s like the end of Titanic where the ship falls onto the people in the water, though orders of magnitude more epic.

    You do an excellent job of writing an epic story in 1024 characters!