First Prong: The Magician

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Lord Robert quickly summoned a foot messenger to hold the ferryman at shore. Disguising himself, he made his way toward Peat’s Bog.

Tossing a heavy purse to the ferryman, Robert stepped onto a small floating island and poled across the acid-black murk. On the other side, the floating mass was chained to an oily boulder covered in rancid lichen.

“Follow the bone cairns a league until you reach her lair” the ferryman directed. “If you are not stepping on stone, then you have lost your way. I will wait until the sun is high”.

Atop each cairn was a skull, their sockets filled with painted evil eyes. Although his own bones shivered, his love for and loyalty to Sirs Jon and Bic pushed him on.

Soon a crooked opening within a crooked crag appeared. In the opening stood a figure with a blood-red raven on her shoulder: “I’ve been waiting M’lord” XXXII XXXII greeted, “Clot’s hungry”.

“ExiExi! Some meat still remains on a few of these skulls” Lord Robert shouted back.

“Toss one up, I’ll boil the meat off. Come”.

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  1. Avatar 32 ^2

    I’ve never written for this period. Also, is it Sir Robert or Lord Robert. Let me know so I can change it.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    I read both, and came back to read this again.
    Firstly, I like that the ferryman directs him, it adds mystery, however it is out of place once you read the second, he should know the way. He is smart to act like he doesn’t.
    He’s lucky the skull is enough to gain him entrance.
    So here we are thinking that he is unprepared for the visit, no meat for the bird, fear at the decor, and the ferryman gives him directions. And yet the next…

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Spooky and effective setting. It made me think of the old school animated movies, like the older version of the Hobbit, or ‘Fire and Ice’. I think you could replace the second crooked, but that’s a minor point. I think this is definitely the most inventive and independently compelling of the ’let’s use ourselves as characters’ epics.

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