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Cold Sweat.

I feel my hands produce moisture around the black steering wheel.

The sound of car tires rolling to a stop on pavement.

I take one last drag from my cigarette.

Smoke lingering in a distorted halo around my head.

I adjust the dial on the broken radio that whispers sweet hymns to me when I’m alone. I am not alone tonight.

His yellow, feline eyes piercing me through my windshield.

I silently open the car door and my legs shake as I stand and stare at him.

The soft, blue-white mist that hovers after the rain goes fading as the sun dies.

Not losing eye contact with him I slowly, silently march around to back of the car.

The suddenly icy feel of the car’s metal against my bare, chapped hands.

I pop the trunk and pick The Box up.

Raw fear.

Do it. He says.

I whimper as I open The Box.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Ooh, well that could go a lot of ways. Intense moment of story, told in a staccato fashion, which word I have just misspelled. Nice job making me wonder who the protagonist is, who has the yellow eyes, and what’s in the box.

  2. Avatar Never Explain (LoA)

    nice of you to comment on one of my less-depressing stories, THX haha :P.

  3. Avatar Stovohobo

    Creepy, creepy. Intriguing too. I like the repetitive storytelling as well. Nice imagery.

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