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My name is Never Explain, and I was an original Ficleteer before the creation of this wonderful site.

I usually post any current series that I’m in, but seeing as I’m just getting started again, I don’t have much!

NOTICE TO ALL OF MY FELLOW FICLYTEERS: Feel free to sequel any of my stories. Not only do I not mind it, I WELCOME IT! It is a creatively free world and if you want to add to something of mine feel free, I’d love to see what you’ve written!!


  1. 5:30 in the Checkerboard Room

    5:30 in the afternoon. That’s what it says on my watch. The far-past-noon sunlight shines through the windows and casts shadows of the window panes that checkerboard the room while my brother stands over me. I’m in my brother’s room r...

  2. Recurring Dream

    It’s been a long while since I was in high school, but I’ve always had this dream. It’s the same every time, and I don’t even know the significance of it. I was a wrestler back in junior year. I have a lot of memories, good and ...

  3. Arid Hills

    The sun beat down on my back and neck as I walked up and down the Arid Hills. I was dehydrated and hadn’t eaten or drank since midday yesterday. I walked for another mile or so, focusing only on the shifting sound of my boots on the dry, cracked ...

  4. Elevator

    I walk into the elevator. I’m on the sixth floor and in a rush to get home and clear my head. I press the “1” button and assault the “Door Close” button with my finger until the metal doors shut with an almost silent slidi...

  5. Find The Equation

    Before leaving, I stop into the bathroom to splash some cold water in my face. I take a deep, shuddering breath and work the water into my skin. The callouses on my fingers grind against my weekend beard. I look up and see a single little vein creeping...

  6. Dragon Ball In 10 Words

    The bigger their hair, the more ridiculously powerful they are.

  7. High Speed Philosophy

    Today, I was in ‘the zone’. I was ‘seeing through the code’. My perception of everyday life seemed on an unusual high today. Knowing that so many things, people, animals, forces of nature; they all operate with little considerat...

  8. It's a Wonderful Lie in 5 Words.

    I am a perfect Person…………………………………………………………

  9. They Came....

    They Came from the clouds one day. Many of the elders thought the end of the world came, but their worries were assuaged when They ignored us. They just walked about and bothered no one. They did not rain fire from the sky. They did not bring the fury ...

  10. Euphoria!

    I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been lacking inspiration of late. Anyhow, I’m about to start high school, it’s a beautiful day out, and I am inexplicably happy. I truly don’t know what’s up with myself t...

  11. Overstimulated (an xkcd tribute)

    My favorite thing to do at parties is to talk judgmentally about people who aren’t there. It starts with the silence after a good laugh. Someone asks why John isn’t here. Someone else explains how John and Claire blow off parties to go hang...

  12. Accidental Post

    Sorry about this guys, I messed up pretty bad here…………….

  13. Accidental Post

    Sorry, guys. I messed up pretty big………………………

  14. Accidental Post

    Sorry, guys. I messed up big time………………………..

  15. Unusual Meeting Place

    She has that kind of stare that draws you forward, like a moth to a porch light. Maybe it’s the darkness of her eyes but that look is almost murderous. It makes you afraid to tell yourself she’s dressed to kill, because she is. It’s w...

  16. Thoughts of Escape

    Fifteen minutes into the ride I realized that Barkley is awfully talkative for who I assumed him to be. He just chatted on and on about every little thing with pretty much all of it just going through one ear and out the other. At the time, only one th...

  17. Irony

    Irony is ice cream made from lactose intolerant cows. Irony is a sole survivor of a nuclear holocaust who has a serious case of autophobia. Irony is a morbidly obese personal trainer. Irony is a white guy with an afro. Irony is a company that prints ou...

  18. Evil (The true Confessions Of Rosemary West)

    My name is Rosemary West. “Rosemary, heaven restores you in life” Fred would say after burying a body. I usually ignored the statement, as I was not sure if it was a compliment or not, but him saying that with this one look on his face was ...

  19. In A Perfect World

    Well, sorry to break it to you, but it turns out she’s not into me that way. I really don’t know what happened. We were doing great for the first few days, but then I get this IM saying: “I really don’t like you like that, IR...

  20. Walking Away

    If I let my eyes glaze over a bit, I can see the bloom of the autumn colors in the landscape before me. The almost neon-green on the fields clashes with the dull blues and oranges of the houses and oranges of the small town. The massive dark purple clo...

  21. For Good

    No, I didn’t talk to her before I left for good. Well, I’m not leaving for good. I’m not leaving for good in the way that I’m leaving forever. Leaving for good in the way that I’m getting out of here for my own benefit. I ...

  22. Disaster Starts With A Feeling

    Her name is Confusion. He sometimes gets the feeling that something’s wrong but he’s too afraid to ask her. He doesn’t want to make things awkward, but it’s already so hard to figure out a tone of voice over IM. He wishes he cou...

  23. My Message To Her

    Hey, I know you’ve dated a lot of jerks before, and I just want to say that I’ll do my best to NOT be on that list of assholes you’re dated. I really can’t explain it, but I feel really good about this. I’ll do my best to ...

  24. She does! She does!

    We had fun talking, and by the end of the call I was nearly almost sure she liked me, mostly because she said she wanted to meet me. I wanted to tell her that I liked her, and when her friends handed the phone to her I sat there like an idiot, not sayi...

  25. Triple Post! Don't Read!

    We had fun talking, and by the end of the call I was nearly almost sure she liked me, mostly because she said she wanted to meet me. I wanted to tell her that I liked her, and when her friends handed the phone to her I sat there like an idiot, not sayi...

  26. Double Post! Don't Read!

    We had fun talking, and by the end of the call I was nearly almost sure she liked me, mostly because she said she wanted to meet me. I wanted to tell her that I liked her, and when her friends handed the phone to her I sat there like an idiot, not sayi...

  27. You Know What To Do

    Over the next few days, I held on to the idea of her liking me. I still had my doubts, as I always do when it comes to things such as this, but in a way she was giving me subtle kinds of clues. Things like mentioning that she trusted me in passing, and...

  28. Continued, Again

    Let me just tell you that through all this getting to know her I didn’t have much of an idea what she thought of me. I could only hope for the best. In a way I was crushing on her, but I never really tried to take it anywhere until recently. Anyh...

  29. Continued

    A lot of thoughts crossed my mind, such as “What if she thinks I’m a total creeper for randomly friend requesting her?” I didn’t really know her at the time. I’m glad to say that as far as I know her now, she’s isn&#...

  30. Love?

    While I’m still on the subject of emotions, I’d like to talk about something that’s kind of like love. Well, it’s not love, yet. At least I’m saying that because I’m not sure how she feels, and she might be reading t...

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