The New Guys: Gustav's Prayer

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“And I’ll need you three to sign this release and I need contact information for your next-of-kin.”

“I don’t have any family Mr. Gustav” I said irritably, “I told the person that in my telephone interview”.

“Um, I don’t have any family either, who do you want me to put down….” came from behind and slightly to my right.

“My foster mother died awhile ago, I don’t know my real family….” came from behind and to my left.

“I killed mine…” came from Gustav followed by a hearty chuckle from the only girl in the room.

“Two of you had families and one, a family that doesn’t know they have you. Consider these crisp new bills life insurance. You’re all a team now, so that makes you family, doesn’t it? Now put each other down as each others next-of-kin, just leave your own name off.”

Flint Xie

Jessica James

“Nice to meet you, I’m Nick Gatling”

“And now-

A scream like a million freight trains braking on a curve

-your assessment, and Möge Gott mit Ihnen meine Kleinen."

Now THAT I understood!

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  1. Avatar 32 ^2

    -Möge Gott mit Ihnen meine Kleinen
    -may God be with you my little ones

  2. Avatar Gradual Uprising {LoA}

    Me likes! I thought maybe Mr. Gustav would turn out to be a vampire and try to suck them dry. Haha, but its dramatic and sets the stage for a great story. If you want to keep at it. :)

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