The New Guys: Sparks Fly

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“And where the hell were you?”

“Looking for a sword” Flint said, “I only do swords. And knives. Not this stuff, looks too dirty. Nasty”.

""Thanks for the rag anyway, hope you find something more to your liking next time. So why are you here anywa-

-He’s here because he’s like you," Gustav interjected from the doorway. “Fighting Vampires comes natural to all three of you, especially Jessica, probably 20 or 30 generations in her blood. You can’t help yourselves, like dogs chasing cats. Except some cats are pretty big, aren’t they? But a Chihuahua will still chase a tiger.”

“I need to go, I’m bleeding, my arm..,”

“Glass” Gustav revealed, “They didn’t think you three could do it so they hobbled the creature. They filled it’s veins with crushed leaded glass, slowed it down by about 50%. Come, Flint’s a medic, he’ll fix you up."

“Hey Jessica, thanks, really” I said. She stood there, regal like, her finger hooked into her trophy’s cheek, like a fish. She inhaled deeply, stretched herself out, and smiled.

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  1. Avatar smdasilva {LoA}

    Ohh, it is in the blood? They aren’t just 3 random strangers off the street?

    And who are they?

  2. Avatar 32 ^2

    @smdasilva, that’s a sequel, wouldn’t want to ruin it, Robert is next, let’s see what he does.

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