What it Takes to Prove Yourself

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The colonel’s lifeless body slumped by her feet. Blood poured out from his chest and back, but his face was one of defiant laughter. Disgusted by her enemy’s disrespect she took aim at his face. With a quick pull of the gun’s trigger she blew the face off of the colonel, so he could never disrespect her again, no matter how hard he tried. No one would ever disrespect her or underestimate her again.

She stepped over the body, careful not to let her heels touch the dead flesh. The rain washed away the blood and dirt on her black leather jumpsuit, erasing all traces of the massacre. She looked back to see her terrorist brothers and sisters cowering in fear. They had tried to leave her behind, because she was an outsider, because they had never bothered to see what she could do. Now they knew. Now everyone knew.
“Well?” She shouted to them over the downpour of rain,“Are we gonna do this or what?”
The rest of the group stood up tentatively and marched after her into the large, walled city.

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The Colonel grabbed his neck and fell to the ground. Blood came rushing out of the jagged hole cut in his throat by the sharp steel. The pour...

Colonel Down by N555champ & X-Ninja

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