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Even now I am surprising myself with the amount of times he has surfaced in my writing like a monster beneath the sea, always breaching in different lights and motions and faces, so as to be unrecognizable from earlier sightings. Only his core remains that perhaps only I can recognize, because it is from me. If my whole life is about writing, and I have always been writing with him, then in some small pathetic way, my life is as much about a man as any woman I’ve ever criticized. Even as I type it, I know there are differences. And Kitty is screaming at me that it doesn’t matter, everyone has a god whose hunger will never be satiated with any given sacrifice, accept that you will forever be his vestal virgin and to betray him is to be buried alive.

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  1. Avatar Lighty

    This is powerful. The flow of the piece is strong but a little overwhelming.

    I don’t quite follow the ending; is the change to second person ‘Kitty’ (which isn’t clear if you mean a friend, or a cat, possibly intentionally?) talking to the narrator, or the narrator talking to the reader?

    If Kitty, then I would recommend changing it back to the personal pronoun, it can be ‘she said I am ___,’ not verbatim what she said.

  2. Avatar Megan Kennedy

    Thank you!

    The change to second person is meant to be a friend, more or less, speaking to the narrator. If that’s not too strong I can work that out.

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    I thought she was talking to another voice in her head..
    On another note, I resonated with this immensely. You have described what I call a muse. :)

  4. Avatar Megan Kennedy

    ElshaHawk: Exactly. Kitty is actually a character from a story I wrote once that I’ve since become convinced is the personification of my own cold, rational side. When she interrupts my thoughts, she is so “her own woman” that it doesn’t feel like me talking to myself at all.

  5. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Oh, I thought Kitty was the author’s secretary…but that’s because our secretary at the clinic was named Kitty.

    It’s a twisted, tortured sort of exploration, a bit on the rambling side. I think it could have done without the italics, but that’s me.

    Very good job having the emotion come through here.