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If Megan Kennedy had to give up writing and find a different job, she’d have a tough time choosing between assassin or exorcist.


  1. Page 47

    Even now I am surprising myself with the amount of times he has surfaced in my writing like a monster beneath the sea, always breaching in different lights and motions and faces, so as to be unrecognizable from earlier sightings. Only his core remains ...

  2. Rise of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    He looked out his high rise window and sighed, his thoughts as scrambled as the veins of traffic on the streets below. The office door opened and closed behind him gently. “Y’know Charlie, it’s a damn shame,” said the man at the...

  3. Splinter In My Mind (Mature)

  4. Don't Dream It's Over

    The moon was full above, a bright white glow, the only light she remembered afterward. Evening had bled into night so fast; where had the hours gone? He walked beside her, keeping her safe, and maybe doing his best to steal just a few more minutes of h...

  5. Kingdom of Night

    He played the violin in the moments before his death, played Beethoven as if it were the only song ever written. The Germans had disallowed the works of their great musicians to the likes of him, but here in the meadow between earth and the kingdom of ...

  6. For The Sake Of Tradition

    Suddenly, the scent of dry centuries and dusty skin filled Lancaster’s nose, tickling like the whiskers of a cat with boundary issues. He sniffled and pulled his handkerchief from his pocket, wiping it twice across his nostrils. The room was stil...

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