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Mr. & Mrs Green, sitting in a grandstand full of baited eyes, watched as their son Pasha and his team arose victorious in this years Grooming Bowl. This year Pasha drew Shovels, the other team drew Horses. A forfeiture was called, but their son said no, he had a plan.

It was over in minutes. Pasha had instructed his team to dig deep random holes. The thrown attackers were quickly dispatched with shovels. And the crowd booed, they wanted a full two hours of gore.

Mr. Green warmed more towards his son, this being his fourth victory and all. But he was still ashamed that his son would not collect his prize. Twelve years ago, a five year old Pasha told him “girls are yucky”. He hadn’t changed his mind since.

The Greens met up with Pasha while he stood at his high school’s concession stand. He knew his twin sister,05016, sat waiting inside, wondering her fate.

Soon the concessionary barked out, “Step up, no claim ticket, no prize!”

“Do you have the ticket dad?” Pasha asked.

“No.05015, do you have it?”

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  1. Avatar Catcher in the Why

    It feels like there’s a whole seed of a YA novel in this one scene. I wanted to make sure I understood something correctly, is his sister one of the prizes to be claimed for that years Grooming Bowl?