Green Brew Pt. 1

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There was a meaty lady named Dark Fairy,
Who lost the right to be scary,
The reason being she was a bewitched.
Because unlike the Goblin,
She refused to start gobblin’
After a pot-unluck for the evilly enriched.

At that function she was ejected,
The dish she brought of a dog rejected,
And served onto her hosts’ wide plate.
The host’s gags were prompt as she proclaimed,
“This is my warlock, unchanged and unchained,
You’ve just fed me my violently rendered mate!”

Dark Fairy was violently arrested,
Her trial went smooth and never contested,
And charged with uncapitol murder, how rare.
She was stripped of utensils and book,
Forever banished in the dark crook,
Of her cold and numbing lair.

Weak of heart Dark Fairy sat,
“I’m never eating meat again” she spat,
Then her stomach and larder went a month dry.
“I need to start a fire and thawing,
And find something to start gnawing,
But no more heads or fingers I’ll cut & fry!”


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