Heaven's Gate

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“Where is he”, Bishop Barnaby asked the guard.

“Level B6 sir.”

The guard swung into the freight elevator with her keys and unlocked B6. When the door shut, the Bishop had a few moments to himself, to pray.

He had just left a conference located in a secret room called the Cloud Room above the 110th floor in the World Trade Center.

He and other world religious leaders had been called to an emergency meeting. Jesus had appeared. He showed up 15 years ago on Halloween night of all nights, so he wasn’t taken seriously.

Instead, he was rotated conveniently within the mental health system. He was finally discovered by a Devout visiting a relative.

They had all planned for this. They could not afford to have him announce mistakes or start filling in the blanks concerning a particular novel about him, a book that changed the world and made it easier to rule humankind.

Jesus now sat in a lead lined room below 110 floors of steel and concrete. And it was strange the Bishop was traveling down to meet him.

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  1. Avatar zxvasdf

    HAHA! The last line is genius.

  2. Avatar zxvasdf

    and… only in the 21st century would a god be sent to the mental ward. The bible a novel? I have to say I’ve never thought of it as a novel… but that’s exactly what it is. Whether it’s non-fiction or not, is up to the reader. What a fucking great ficly!

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