Tick Tock

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For seven years Frank stares at his keys. They just sit there on the corner of the entry hall table, unmoved. His eyes trace the curves around the keys. The lines are tracings left behind by his daughter’s dusting cloth.

He can still remember searching for them. He was late meeting a man, a man that could change his family’s life for the better.


He searced his pockets dozens of times. He felt blindly under the unseen world of his home’s furnishings. He obsessively searched a place that only held five sets of keys.


“I’m taking your bike Paula” he yelled as he wheeled it off the front porch.

He heard Sarah’s voice yelling from behind,“Daddy, I found ’em!” Frank turned around and grinned at his five year old daughter’s glinting prize just as the speeding truck ripped him from the front of her life.

Now here he is, anchored by those damn keys, watching his family pray for forgiveness.

Today, Paula curiously picked them up. Finally, after seven years, she didn’t recognize them.

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  1. Avatar HSAR


  2. Avatar zxvasdf

    any object may be instigators of regret as long as the memory holds up

  3. Avatar Infinity.

    I think this is disturbing and so depressing. How objects can hold so much memory, it’s insane. I like the way you wrote the ending.
    Good for sure.

  4. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    That was sad, and a very different take on the challenge. The end winds up ambiguous, whether the forgetting is a bad thing or a sign of healing. Maybe both? Maybe he gets to move on now?

    Great entry.

  5. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    You build up to a feeling of hope in the final paragraph, and then crash it all down with that final line…because sometimes healing hurts even more than the initial pain.

    This is, indeed, extremely sad, and shows us all how such a simple thing can have such drastic consequences.
    Almost butterfly effect-ish…
    Really well written
    Abby x

  6. Avatar musicgirl

    very interesting, i’d like to see where you go with this

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