18 Years Gone

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“You know we can’t let you out” Bishop Barnaby informed Jesus.

“I know” Jesus sighed, “Looks like more wars are going to be fought of over me. You make me sick. How many millions have you killed in my name. How many trillions of prayers have ended in my name, and now I’m Worthless?

Bishop Barnaby felt the air grow cold, “Actually, there’s an old saying; Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You’ve always been our potential enemy. Like a loving son that left for many years and returned a violent stranger. I’m truly sorry.”

TRULY. You are all pieces of shit. You are the stuff washed away from my feet. How have you all gotten away with so many years of convincing people not to question my absence from the bible between my ages of 12 to 30!”

“How well have you all mastered propaganda?” Jesus accused.

“Listen. I don’t have to explain away thousands of years-

“You’re wrong. You have electricity coursing through your skin. I can render you catatonic if you make a move for the door.”

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