Complacency Unfulfilling

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The world swirls, saccarine sweet and plastic perfect. Amber hears the voices echo uniform cheer from neighboring worlds.

They sing of peace and safety. She hears a chorus of stagnation.

The chorus speaks of contentedness in lack of displeasure. The chords awaken thoughts of things left undone.

She twirls amidst an endless flurry. The world contains her and only her, nothing that could harm her. The shadows outside the world glisten darkly with potential threats. As her face presses against the inner curve of glass the cool awakens old wounds, a spectre of what was fled. Her outstretched hand, searching to be held, remains unmet.

Amber is young, too young to know regret, yet she does. She knows she fled, gave in to fear. She knows she is safe but fears she is not really alive.

Her twirling ceases, though the dots of white take no heed. Eyes defiant against the void, Amber screams, a soul splitting yawp, and the world cracks, a shudder and a shatter, a broken peace.

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  1. Avatar ipe

    Nice…setting her free again. Maybe she’ll save the others, too.

  2. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    Well I learned a new word. Yawp – love it =). The tone of this piece is generally disjointed – in a good way – as I feel it emphasises the helplessness of Amber and the inevitability of events.

    I like the contrast that the final paragraph brings…almost a sudden calm.
    Very emotive.
    Abby x

  3. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    you freed her! and quickly. It seems she gets out of her confusion rapidly and makes her move as a true heroine should, with speed and determination. The witch will not be happy.

  4. Avatar musicgirl

    amazing descriptions, very artful.

  5. Avatar Krulltar

    I like this. I like the feel. For me you captured what alot of abused child long for… “Searching to be held”… I imagine most abuse victims can make it through it, as long as they have someone to hold on to.

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