Planning Ahead

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“What are you doing?”

Tom spun around in his chair to see Mike peering over the cubicle wall. Waving at his computer, Tom said, “I was thinking of buying some gold.”

Mike raised an eyebrow.

“You know,” Tom explained, “for when the economy explodes and we become a third world country.”

“Ah,” Mike said, nodding. “I’m just stocking up on guns and ammunition.”

“Really?” Tom laughed.

“Yeah. So when the economy explodes all I’ll have to do is go to the people who stocked up on food and gold.” After a few silent seconds, Mike knocked the top of the wall twice and said, “Catch you later.”

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  1. Avatar Infinity.

    Should this oddly be as funny as it seems in my mind? or am I totally demented to think so?

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    I thought it was funny too, especially the, “Catch you later,” at the end. I once went to an ‘Emergency Preparedness’ lecture in which the present showed as a recommended part of a 72 hour emergency kit a .57 Magnum. Needless to say, the church ladies in attendance were all aghast!

    Fun little story.

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