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  1. Fighting Dirty

    With a boyish giggle, Sam took a few running steps and jumped. He put his feet together and came down in the middle of a puddle, sending out a large splash of muddy water. “What the hell?” Sam turned to the shocked face on his wife Alexis. Before s...

  2. This Generation

    Rob braked to a stop at an intersection of two dirt roads in the middle of the woods. He winked at his wife Barb, then turn to the back seat. “This is a game my dad played with me; ‘Do you know where you are and how to get home?’” Snapping her ...

  3. Loaner

    “Mister Mazzello?” Tom jerked from his stupor. He blinked a few times, then shut off the book he had been trying to read. “Yes?” The face of a young mechanic filled the screen next to him. She smiled and said, “We’ve found your problem. The...

  4. Lucas Witnesses

    Allan stopped to check that his and Jon’s ties were straight before he rang the doorbell. Thirty or so seconds later they heard heavy footsteps coming to the door. A bleary-eyed man wearing shorts and a faded T-shirt opened the door. “What?” he a...

  5. Check Brain

    Just before taking a bite of his burger made with whatever mystery meat the cooks were growing in the vats this week, Nainick sat up straight and stated, “That’s rather disturbing.” His friend Bally swallowed a mouthful of burger to ask, “What?...

  6. A Clear View

    “Have you ever thought of getting Lasik?” Sue asked as she sat down next to Dave on the couch. Dave closed his book and looked over at her. “Not really. Why?” She took his glasses off and smiled. “I think you look better without them.” “I...

  7. Agent 202

    “The decadent Americans are beginning to grow bold. We need to blunt their spirit. Agent 202, you know what to do.” Later “Hopes for an early spring were dashed this morning when Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, meaning we’ll have six more wee...

  8. I Wouldn’t Be Surprised

    “Earlier today, President Obama announced that the sky is blue. Here with the Republican response, is Senator Poyer.” The scene switched to a tall, rail-thin man stepping up to a podium. “Good afternoon. In his speech this morning, President Obam...

  9. Worth a Million

    “I agree with Speaker Gingrich that there are people who are paid too much and their jobs could be done cheaper by children. For example, I heard about a company that paid a historian $1.6 million. One point six million, to a historian. Indiana Jones...

  10. Revenge

    Rushing around the living room, the young boy laughed and yelled while pressing all the buttons on his new Cacophony 3000. After the boy made several circuits of the room, his father turned to the man sitting next to him on the couch. “Why?” he ask...

  11. Family Rituals

    “Get up,” Joan said as she kicked the couch. Without opening his eyes, her husband Tom – lying on the couch – groaned and rubbed his stomach. “Just get the kids to help you.” “Every year you do this. For the past thirty-seven years we’v...

  12. A Mother’s Suffering Never Ends

    “I’m tired of you sitting on your butt all day plugged into virtual reality. I want you to go outside and experience some real reality.” “Do I have to?” “Yes you have to. But stay within sight of the habitat.” “Okay. Where’s my spaces...

  13. The Horror

    An upset stomach woke Jack. Even at his tender age he knew if he went to his mom she would scold him for not listening when she said not to eat all his candy. So he lay in bed toughening it out until morning, like the cowboy he had been. Some time late...

  14. Planning Ahead

    “What are you doing?” Tom spun around in his chair to see Mike peering over the cubicle wall. Waving at his computer, Tom said, “I was thinking of buying some gold.” Mike raised an eyebrow. “You know,” Tom explained, “for when the economy...

  15. Failure to Communicate

    Stopping in the hallway, Joe took a minute to straighten his halo and take a deep breath. Letting it out, he walked into God’s outer office. “Good morning,” he said to God’s secretary, Esther. Esther smiled. “Good morning.” “I have the mo...

  16. Never Done

    “Are you close to finishing your book on Obsessive–compulsive personality disorder?” “Almost. I’m on my 217th draft.”

  17. The Perils of Spring

    The pen sped towards the notebook page, struck the paper with a dull “borp” sound and bounced back into Aaron’s hand. Over and over his hand – seemingly on its own – tossed the pen at the page keeping up the borping metronome. Aaron sat at a ...

  18. The Unerring Word

    “Ria, how’s eternity treating you?” “Hey Oaoex. Same old, same old. I managed to appear in a vision to a human, but he was locked up in a mental institution.” “That sucks.” “I know. I mean, what’s the point of being a god if you can

  19. Time Out Chair

    Al sighed while looking at the bland bookstore wall. Behind him, he could hear the friendly laughter as The Mighty Pens critiqued each other’s stories. Glancing at his watch, he thought, Five more minutes and I can join back in. He jerked and correct...

  20. A Man of Few Words

    Peter looked up from his desk when he saw Mike walk by. “Feeling better are you?” Mike – who had missed the past two days of work – replied with a grumbled, “Meeha,” and continued walking. With a laugh, Peter stated, “You truly are man of...

  21. It Makes Perfect Sense

    Stacy Torres – Feb 18, 1:37 PM Brockport, PA – Yesterday afternoon, Jon Pranic braved the cold and light flurries to light a small bonfire. The reason for the bonfire? To burn some Bibles. “One of the biggest events from my childhood,” Mister P...

  22. Escape

    2:00 AM car keys in hand how easy to get in and drive away never looking back. true some problems might be left behind, but would there be enough of them to make it worth it?

  23. A Firm Handshake

    Hand shaped genitalia causes intergalactic “incident.”

  24. Is it Insanity?

    Brian was gently rapping his head against the kitchen table when his fiancée Carol came home. She watched for a few raps, then put the groceries away. She sat down across from him and stated, “It was your idea.” Resting his head on the table, Bria...

  25. Surprise

    Helen stopped her car at the bottom of her driveway by her mailbox. Included with the bills and fliers was a small cardboard box from a company she had never heard of before. Shrugging, she got back in the car and set the mail with her groceries. She p...

  26. For the Greater Good, Part III

    After a deep breath, Ajda stated, “The Council, by majority vote, decided the most humane thing was a quick planetary sterilization.” Philip jumped to his feet and bounded around the room. “Would you rather have them all starve to death?” Ajda ...

  27. For the Greater Good, Part II

    Phillp’s thoughts were interrupted by his door chiming. The only thing he knew for certain was that he wanted to be alone, so he did not answer it. The door chimed again. Over the intercom he heard Ajda say, “Philip, I know you’re in there. Let m...

  28. For the Greater Good, Part I

    Philip sat down heavily, as heavily as one could in the low gravity. Very slowly, as though the simple act pained him, he turned on his screen. He did not need to tell it what to show, he had been watching the Earth almost continuously for the past sev...

  29. Crack Open My Skull

    The man sat at a small, round, wooden table. On the table were an open notebook and a cup of Earl Grey tea. The man looked around at the people getting their afternoon caffeine fix, then out the window to the rain pounding the strip mall parking lot, t...

  30. Loss

    The sun smiles at me,  and I turn my back. Birds call to me,  and I pretend not to hear. Warm breezes try to catch me,  and I run from them. Spring has sprung, but I have to go to work.

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