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Avatar Author: Burner of Notes Hi there! I'm The Note Writer you may have heard of. However, I lost the password, and I think my writing style has changed. So here I am. I'm a big fan of Deconstruction and parody. I also like horror, to an extent, TV ... Read Bio

Writer ran to Burner’s room. “You took the calculator?!”
“Relax. I bought you a new one.” Burner was looking at the robot.
“Why did you need to use it in the first place?”
“I…Ah jeez.” Burner stood up.
“Well, at least we’ll have someone to talk to.” Writer walked closer to the robot.
“Actually, it’s deaf. I couldn’t find a microphone.”
“…Ah well.”
“So what should we name him?”
“…Okay then. Steve it is.”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Steve the robot? Named after anyone we know?

    Cute back and forth.

  2. Avatar Burner of Notes

    It’s actually a very, very nerdy reference.
    First person to guess it wins!

  3. Avatar 32 ^2

    I really like this. Like a modern day version of “Toy Story”. I use to have a calculator robot, but it spoke the answers.

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