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Hi there! I’m The Note Writer you may have heard of. However, I lost the password, and I think my writing style has changed. So here I am.
I’m a big fan of Deconstruction and parody. I also like horror, to an extent, TV Tropes, and Minecraft. I hate Double Standards with a vengeance.
Themes that can be found in my writing:
-Deconstruction and Parody (listed above)
-Horror (Also listed above)
-The Characters Burner, Writer, and Steve the Robot


  1. Ludum, VA

    Lancaster dreaded the start of school. It wasn’t school itself, really. He hated the commute. He lived just close enough that the buses didn’t come by his house, and when he walked, he always got annoying random encounters. He was 50 levels...

  2. The Escaped

    Some ornaments had decided to escape. The rest thought they were crazy. “Why do they want to escape?” they said. “Why would you leave all this?” As it turns out, not all ornaments like being put in boxes for 11 years and sitting...

  3. Unpacking

    The ornaments were unpack, and put on the tree. It was still one week until Christmas. Santa heads were mixed with red and green glass spherical ornaments. They all felt happy to be out and together again, as the humans had instituted a segregation sys...

  4. Ornaments 2011

    The plight of the ornaments is truly a sad one. They stay in a box in the attic for all the year except those two weeks before Christmas. But they live for those days, when they get to be part of the focus of concentrated joy. This is their story.

  5. Salmonella

    Jack and Dylan then saw a chicken. Chicken! Come here, chicken… He snuck up near it and killed it, eating the meat afterwards. Oooorgh…Did that just give me food poisoning? What gives, body? I can’t eat raw chicken, but I can eat raw ...

  6. Jack

    Dylan walked on. Hey, a pumpkin! He walked over. I guess I should keep it around… He picked it up, and walked on. I guess I’ll name him…Jack! How are you, Jack? He kept walking. You aren’t much of a talker, are you, Jack? Oh, lo...

  7. Abuse

    They were in a bad marriage. Punches were thrown and there was no retaliation. Hit after hit was received, and none were dealt back. Counsellors were talked to, and they all said the same. “Don’t assign blame,” they say. People who se...

  8. Morning

    Dylan waited, beating any monster that entered his base to death. Finally, it was morning. Dylan climbed out and witnessed the natural beauty. The blue sky…bright sun…burning monsters…it was beautiful. Dylan was aware now of being hun...

  9. Just Drop On In

    Dylan sat huddled in the corner of his base, waiting for the sun to come up. Suddenly, something fell in his base. Something green. That was all Dylan knew before it exploded, slamming him against the wall. When he came to, he realized there was a crat...

  10. The Gun

    He was a fairly mild-mannered person, to all that knew him. But that changed when he held a gun. His shoulders hunched, he ran with the gun in his hands. He didn’t hold the gun. He was the gun. The gun controlled him. He was trapped.

  11. The Doll

    She was one of those dolls you find in fiction, one with a mind and soul.But she wasn’t murderous or anything like that. Well, not yet. But when the military got word of her, they took her and locked her in a safe. She pounded against the walls, ...

  12. Shouted Words

    Writer ran to Burner’s room. “You took the calculator?!” “Relax. I bought you a new one.” Burner was looking at the robot. “Why did you need to use it in the first place?” “I…Ah jeez.” Burner ...

  13. Calculator

    Writer was walking through the internet when he found a graphing calculator in the road. He picked it up, and took it home. But he made the mistake of leaving it on his desk. Burner saw it, and he decided to modify it. He went to his workroom, took out...

  14. Running Man Gets Powered-Up

    Something happened none of them expected. Aol sent in a helicopter with a fresh bucket of internet and dumped it right on the Running Man. It began to grow large…larger than the plane itself. “FLY! FLY! FLY AWAY!” Kevin shouted. They ...

  15. Dylan's Mind

    Why am I here? he thought as he kept punching trees. Have I always been here? Is this how I was born? No! Because I notice a distinct lack of other people! He stopped with the tree punching and sat down to build a workbench. There are also no signs of ...

  16. Overheater

    He didn’t know where he was when he woke up. He felt dizzy, but after a while it subsided. He noticed he was on a coastline. There were a few trees around, and a couple yards away was a desert. There were also mushrooms on the ground that were ei...

  17. Building

    He was standing in an office building. Computers and chairs were strewn everywhere. No life could be found. Only death and terror. The metallic thud of metal boots on the floor was his cue to run. But he can’t run forever. But he must. Otherwise ...

  18. Death

    There used to be a dimension called Squadaland. I say used to because it imploded. Someone had planted a bomb using an inter-dimensional missile. One person escaped. That person swore revenge. He studied in other dimensions, learned the arts of magic, ...

  19. I'm Back

    The Note Writer was somewhere in the Internet. He wasn’t exactly sure where, but he would be able to figure that out. He as currently walking down a road. Walking beside him was Burner of Notes, his alter ego. “So, I’ve finally decide...

  20. Fear

    He didn’t know if it was organic or mechanical. It made growling and hissing noises as it limped around the outside of his cage. It was wearing a brass mask that had red glow coming out of the eye holes. Or was it its face? His prison was just a ...

  21. Anticlimax

    The zombie apocalypse was, at first, thought to be the doom of humanity, but it was anything but. People driving away from cities managed to crush some zombies. The bugs and stray dogs managed to kill some. Granted, they were zombified, but only the do...

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Burner of Notes' Followers (4)

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