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I write in rosy red tonight:
In bloody, rosy red.
As red as any sunrise
Over any bridal bed.

I write on plain white paper:
In perfect, shineless white.
As white as every snowflake
Through any brilliant light.

I pour my heart out love, dear love.
Though not right now to you.
But know my love I think tonight
Of nobody but you.

All the stories, all the men
They drift away to nothing
When you stand next to them.
In my drunken imagining.

So I write in red tonight,
With dark red in my veins
And cruel red in my wineglass
To wash away my pain.

On rugs of softest violet
In rooms of faintest pink.
I’ll tell you what I feel, my love
I’ll write you what I think.

I feel as though we’re kept apart
By age long rules and rites
All these kisses keep me sane
They light the darkest nights.

I wish that I could see you, love
I’m sorry for today.
We’d be red, by now, my love.
If I could have my way.

And on this paper – white and pure
I’ll write in purple-red.
So I’ll ask you if you’re sure before
I climb into your bed.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    A little tough to read knowing how old you are. You shouldn’t be drinking or thinking of marriage beds! That aside, it’s a lovely poem and an excellent use of colors and imagery to get your point across and tie the whole thing together.

  2. Avatar Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    Being closer to your age I don’t feel the same way as the good doctor.

    I love it. And I know the feeling. Or distance or time or fatigue keeping people apart.
    But also the red theme. Always reoccurring. And it makes sense. I like the idea of the bridal bed – a supposed first time.

  3. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    lol…‘supposed’…you know me too well, jae =) x

    @the good doctor – although many of the themes of my life occur in this poem, it was meant more to be a story with the narrator as a separate character rather than actually being about me. Although it kind of is. Oh, whatever =)