Running spell

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It was almost time.

Sana’s tears were streaking behind her, taken by the wind as she ran. The rising moon made almost everything black or silver – only her hair remained a proud, fiery red. The magic was driving her legs, using pain to prod her away from any other living beings. Including the one she most wanted to stay near.

It was so unfair! The cycles had been going on, seemingly endless, nine months at a time. Only recently had she been able to start counting them. And that is why she had hope now, that things would be different.

The pain faded, indicating she was utterly alone. Under a big oak tree, she spotted a sage plant and carefully selected a few leaves. It would work again. And hopefully now that he must be feeling the magic too, he would know she had been telling the truth and remember. This time she would not have to spend five of her nine months just looking for him.

The full moon was shining through the branches overhead. Sana wiped her tears and stood.

It was time.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Lovely description of her anguish and pained hope in what is a bizarre and magical situation. Still, frustrated love comes through as a universal theme. Typo towards the beginning, ‘being’ should have an ‘s’ on it. Exciting stuff with lots of possibilities.

  2. Avatar boxofun

    Thanks for the comment, THX! I changed it to “beings”.

  3. Avatar thelostgirl

    Thanks for the prequel, it really added to the story and gave an explanation of the change without giving away too much information. I liked the love story aspect as well. Nicely done :)

  4. Avatar boxofun

    Thank you thelostgirl, I’m delighted that you enjoy the prequel!

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