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It is said that actions speak louder than words. Here instead, words do all the talking.

I think that comments are very important, and so I try comment 10x more than I write.


  1. Stuck on the mountain

    The huge rock had landed on my arms, crushing both and more importantly my hands. I was pinned there in the deep of the mountains, and the sun was about to set. I could levitate a rock like that with only a little finger-wiggling… normally. Sadly...

  2. Pleasure, why not?

    I told him that I didn’t believe him. Come on! You say that you can just give yourself pleasure any time? Put yourself into a trance that brings “intense, continuous pleasure”? If you can do that, why aren’t you doing it all the...

  3. Casting a net

    “A wired connection. How quaint.” He plugs it in, then says “uh?” with a look of surprise. Those were his last words. I stop the playback, my emotions a mix of relief and anger. How dare they try to kill me! First things first, ...

  4. Ocean Sunset

    We turned the corner, and the smell of seawater drowned the lavender. “The ocean! Finally!” I promised that we’d go together to these cliffs and see the ocean. And here we were, at last. “I’m sorry we didn’t make it ...

  5. A Treatise On The History of Procrastination

    I thought the title sounded very good. The rest of the page beckoned, my blinking cursor like the black shadow of a door left ajar. “Nah, I’ll write it tomorrow.”

  6. The Land is The Enemy

    The landscape exuded hostility. Even the sun was too hot, the air too dry. The visitor looked straight ahead, eyes focused on the group of trees up ahead. He did not look back, certainly did not turn around, for he had a bad feeling something was follo...

  7. The Present Lives On

    The water is warm under the tropical sun. Becky’s pirate ship sails proudly within arm’s length, the old cookie box with its little toy sailors. It makes a metallic sound against Alice’s ringed hand, and we pretend it’s the cann...

  8. day of awesomeness

    When I woke up this morning, I knew right away that something was different. The day was ripe with possibilities. Today was special. I smiled. Today was going to be awesome! I quickly got out of my yellow pajamas and moved through my morning routine, g...

  9. On the line

    Listen to me. I was young, I was poor, I was foolish. I had nothing, and I wanted everything. I believed their promises when I dialed and told them what I heard. The black vans came the next day, and took everyone. Their whole family. Even young Anna, ...

  10. Running spell

    It was almost time. Sana’s tears were streaking behind her, taken by the wind as she ran. The rising moon made almost everything black or silver – only her hair remained a proud, fiery red. The magic was driving her legs, using pain to prod...

  11. Life and Formatting

    I waited. And waited. Waited some more. What was I waiting for, you ask? To be big enough, you see. I wanted to be a grownup! My parents thought it was so cute! They thought I wanted to be mature. But no! My thinking was more literal. I wanted to grow ...

  12. The Legion

    She patted the bench next to her, inviting me. She had yarn on her lap and those young hands that knew twenty ways to kill went back to crocheting. The pink light of this distant world somehow made her look vulnerable, but I knew better. I sat anyways....

  13. Charon of the Subway (Mature)

  14. The Meeting

    The crowd flows through main street, no weapon visible, everyone looking the part of the innocent bystander. No weapon detected there so far, either. Unlike the plaza. Did the boss really have to use so many bodyguards? Even the waiters have caught on ...

  15. The stare

    The story of my life? Well, I want to start with high school, where we met. I didn’t see her at first – I was too preoccupied with being popular and “cashing in” my athletic prowess. It took a long time for me to realize that th...

  16. The Song of One

    She sung, and the world stopped. All heads turned to the bright figure spinning from roof to roof. The vendor at the kebab stand froze, change still in his arrested hand. The customer ignored the money and, like everyone else, turned to where the music...

  17. The hassle of legality

    Hi, my name’s Dee. Don’t be offended if I zone out occasionally – it’s not that my programming’s insufficient, it’s just that I have to zap those watcher programs. Here’s one – gone now. I have some good ...

  18. Never give up.

    The railing was cold under my hand; I thought I had made my decision. Then I saw her, radiant in the moonless night. “John,” she said, “never give up.” Somehow, that was enough. I didn’t jump that night. It turned out that I had more time th...

  19. Cracked Insulation

    I raise my fist to the heavens and curse the world for the fifteenth time this morning. I have no hope that the situation will ever improve – anger is just a way to let go of the excess regret that everyone in the group feels. Curse materialist...

  20. Goat to go

    China’s a pretty good place, turns out. It’s exactly as his implanted memories describe it. Except the smell – somehow manufactured memories can’t get smell quite right. That leaves him feeling permanently a bit out of place. Th...

  21. Code Monks

    Dear brothers and sisters in faith, I am writing to share a recent discovery that may bring reconciliation. Remember that our orders are still very close as we both strive to improve the life of our fellow man through code. It is only on the matter of ...

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