Family Rituals

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“Get up,” Joan said as she kicked the couch.

Without opening his eyes, her husband Tom – lying on the couch – groaned and rubbed his stomach. “Just get the kids to help you.”

“Every year you do this. For the past thirty-seven years we’ve set up our Christmas tree after Thanksgiving dinner. Yet every year, you stuff yourself to the point where you just lie on the couch like a lump.”

Opening one eye, Tom smiled. “Yet every year you’re surprised.”

Joan didn’t reply to that.

Closing his eye, Tom shrugged. “Besides, you can’t mess with tradition.”

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    hahaha! true story?? :)
    I think you should at least wait ‘til Black Friday if you aren’t the shopping-at-midnight type. After-the-turkey-is-consumed is not a good time at all!

  2. Avatar Sanglorian

    Haha, I love the husband-and-wife banter. I understand why you’ve used the dialogue for exposition, but it makes some of the sentences a little long and unwieldy.

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